Experienced, Consulting

Experienced, Consulting

Experienced, ConsultingExperienced, ConsultingExperienced, Consulting

Our Experience

 All-Star Customer Service, Inc., (ASCS) is the nationally acclaimed consulting company featured in various media like TV, radio and newspaper. We successfully provide our services internationally and work with mom and pop companies through billion dollar corporations. Whether you are new to customer experience metrics or you are an advanced user of them, our customers say we will exceed your expectations. 

Why Us?


Depth of Experience
No other company can match our successful executive experience in operations, sales, training, human resources, etc., when providing solutions. Don’t take our word for it…For example one of our many clients wrote:

"Many times the companies are one dimensional on the services they can provide. Your willingness to discuss our needs as a company on both the customer service side and loss prevention side were important to making our evaluations a success P. Spike, Manager of a Major League Stadium". 

Beware of the check cashing scam

BEWARE:  A.S.C.S. will NEVER send to you a check/money order etc. to cash.  We will NEVER ask you to send/wire, etc money to us.  We are not responsible for that activity.